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LLANSA, S.A. was founded in 1966. Since then it has been the leading manufacturer of sodium and sodium-potassium feldspars in the national market, and has experienced extraordinary business expansion in recent years.


Our mission

Based on our scientific and technical knowledge, we assure our customers’ success and exceed their expectations by supplying them with quality products that are respectful of the environment.

Our vision

We make an effective commitment to our customers to be their reliable partner based on our effort, quality and business ethics.

Our human capital

The team spirit of our professionals, their efforts and their extensive experience ensure that our customers get the answers they need, thereby providing complete guaranties and keeping our commitment to quality intact.

Our values

The bedrock of our company’s success is our environmental, social and economic commitment. We work based on business ethics and on the talent and dedication of our personnel, whose aptitudes, skills and potential we develop and utilise to its maximum.